Horizon Organic has launched a new scheme designed to increase consumer understanding of organic foods. The company hopes that its organic makeover initiative will make incorporating organics into the everyday lives of US families more accessible.

Although 65% of US consumers tried organic foods last year, many reported that they needed more information on organic labelling, the benefits of organic foods and how to incorporate them into their diets.

The manufacturer of organic dairy products has unveiled a makeover initiative to educate families about the benefits of organic. The marketing initiative features “seven simple steps to an organic lifestyle”. 

The company has teamed with TV chef and author Ellie Krieger to promote the programme.

“What I always hear from my clients is that they want to learn and understand how to eat better and feed their families,” said Ellie. “Not only do you need to make it simple, you need to hand them the right tools, start out slowly and give them simple steps they can fold into their routine. Everyone starts at a different place.”