US baker Hostess Brands has launched a whole wheat bread under its flagship white bread brand, Wonder.

The company said today (7 March) said Wonder Smartwheat had “added nutrition”, containing 22 grams of whole grain.

Hostess also described the product as a “good source” of nine vitamins and minerals and said it was “lower” in sodium, as part of the company’s plans to take part in the National Sodium Reduction Initiative.

“Wonder continues to set the standard for baking soft, delicious and nutritious breads the whole family can enjoy,” said Ann Oades, director of marketing for the bakers of Wonder. “More mums are seeking to increase their family’s consumption of foods that contain whole grains, calcium and vitamins while lowering their intake of sodium.”

Last year, Hostess launched Wonder Smartwhite, a white bread with added fibre and less salt, for consumers “who prefer the taste of white bread but want more nutrition”, the company said at the time.