New England-based dairy products firm HP Hood has introduced two new flavours of its EggNog brand.

The dairy company said it wants to “spice up” the approaching holiday season with the introduction of Cinnamon EggNog and Pumpkin EggNog, which will be available throughout New England from the first week of November until January 2007.

“Consumers have told us that they’re always looking for new ideas for entertaining during the holidays. We’ve responded by bringing fun, festive flavours to our EggNog line this year,” said Barry Boehme, vice president of marketing for Hood. “In addition to our other eggnog offerings, Cinnamon EggNog and Pumpkin EggNog give consumers more great options for cooking and baking.”

The product, which can be served by the glass or incorporated into recipes, contains extra creamy milk with sugared egg yolks, cane sugar, and a combination of nutmeg and rum flavouring.

Hood also markets Golden EggNog, Vanilla EggNog, Light EggNog, and EggNog Flavored Fat Free Milk varieties.