Driggs Farms of Indiana Incorporated has announced that it is voluntarily recalling selected cartons of its HG Marsh Premium Chocolate Ice Cream brand which is sold exclusively at Marsh Supermarkets, LoBill Foods Stores and Arthur’s Fresh Markets.

The product recall was ordered because of a risk that the product, the half-gallon container of Marsh Premium Chocolate, may contain almonds without them being listed as an ingredient, and thus represent a danger to nut allergy sufferers.

The recalled ice cream is packaged in half-gallon containers and labelled with the best sell by date of 9-19-06, and includes one of the following production times: 13:30, 13:31, 13:32, 13:33, 13:34, 13:35. The products UPC number is 21110-67146.

Driggs Farms’ employees and retailers are removing the product from store shelves.