This month, Interstate Bakeries’ high-end brand Baker’s Inn will increase the presence of its premium bread in stores across the US, extending the brand’s reach since its launch two years ago.

Responding to feedback suggesting that consumers are looking to increase the amount of whole grain fibre in their diets, Baker’s Inn has reformulated its recipes so that all products provide whole grains – with some offering as many as 22 grams of whole grains per slice.

The company is also introducing three short-sized loaves in Cracked Wheat, Made with Whole Grain Rye and Made with Whole Grain Potato to appeal to smaller households. Six full-size loaves will be offered in 100% Whole Wheat, Honey Whole Wheat, Made With Whole Grain White, Seven Grain, Nine Grain, and Harvest Multigrain.

The company hopes that redesigned packaging, with bolder graphics and colours, will also make it easier for consumers to identify the brand.

“Since its launch, Baker’s Inn has provided consumers with the quality and freshness of corner bakery-style bread. Now we are enhancing the ‘bakery fresh’ experience to deliver additional options for today’s health conscious consumers,” said Stan Osman, vice president of marketing at Interstate Bakeries, makers of Baker’s Inn.