Kellogg has announced the launch of two new bite-sized snacks, Granola Munch’ems and Special K Snack Bites, which are packaged in individual pouches and targeted at busy, on-the-go, health conscious consumers.

The Granola Munch’ems are being marketed as a healthy snack – they are made with whole grains and several essential vitamins and minerals. Granola Munch’ems are available in two flavours: Honey Oat and Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

“People love the great taste and nutrition traditional granola provides, and want something that is convenient in today’s increasingly on-the-go lifestyles,” said Cheryl Dolven, nutritionist for Kellogg Snacks.

Kellogg is also expanding its Special K line with the addition of Special K Snack Bites invanilla and strawberry varieties.