Kellogg has launched a new range of chocolate granola bars that mix sweet and salty flavours.

Crunch Nut Sweet & Salty Granola Bar bars landed on supermarket shelves late last month. As well as chocolate and granola, the two varieties contain either peanut or almond.

“Our research shows that there are a growing number of people who love the delicious and somewhat contradictory sweet-and-salty taste combination,” said Jane Ghosh, Kellogg’s director of wholesome snacks marketing. “In the past, their best alternative was to concoct their own snack mixes. Crunchy Nut bars fill a defined need for those craving a snack with this distinctive taste combination.”

The company cited research showing that growth in consumer demand for blended sweet and salty granola bars is outstripping the overall granola bar category by a ratio of five to one. It also said that the sweet and salty category was already the third best selling in the overall granola category.