Kellogg has confirmed reports that it has rolled out smaller boxes for some of its cereal products in the US, effectively increasing cereal prices for the second time in six months.

The move will allow Kellogg to pass higher costs for ingredients and fuel along to consumers.

When contacted by just-food this afternoon (16 June), the company declined to reveal which cereal brands will be effected.

According to US reports, Froot Loops, Cocoa Krispies and Apple Jacks were among the cereals included in the move.

“We are converting box sizes at this time as the costs for commodities – including grains and energy – used to manufacture and distribute our products have continued to increase dramatically. To help offset those increased costs, Kellogg is reducing the box size on select ready-to-eat cereal brands,” a spokeswoman for the company told just-food.

“The effective price increase equates to a low to mid-single digit price increase.  This box-size reduction is limited to the United States,” the company added.

Kellogg began rolling out the reduced sizes to retailers on 2 June.

The company had already increased cereal prices in January.