Kellogg has announced a wave of new snacks products for the US market, adding products sold under brands including Cheez-It, Kashi and Nutri-Grain.

The US food group’s raft of new products feature lines that try to meet trends like ethnic flavours and healthier snacks.

Cheez-It Zingz crackers aim to bring “ethnic flair” to consumers with two flavours – chipotle cheddar and queso fundido.

Kellogg has developed hummus crisps to be sold under its Kashi brand for consumers wanting what it called a “better-for-you” chip. Kellogg is also introducing Town House pita crackers to use with dips. 

New healthier snacks from Kellogg also include a chipotle lime flavour for Special K crisps.

There are new Special K snack bars and Kellogg is rolling out more Nutri-Grain granola bars. Kellogg has also launched a Nutri-Grain Strawberry Greek yoghurt cereal bar.

Meanwhile, Kellogg has developed two new Keebler cookie lines: a Simply Made product made with “simple recognisable ingredients” and Keebler El Duende, coconut and lemon sandwich cookies targeted at Hispanic consumers.