US cereal giant Kellogg is to add fibre to a number of its ready-to-eat cereals in the US and Canada.

The decision is part of a target the company has set itself, to offer “good to excellent” sources of fibre in nearly 80% of its cereals by 2010.

“Today’s announcement is another step on Kellogg Company’s journey to continually improve the nutrition profile of our products without compromising taste or quality,” said president and CEO David Mackay.

“A year ago we changed what and how we market to children and reduced the sugar and sodium in a number of our cereals. Now, Kellogg is adding an important benefit – fibre.”

In the US, Kellogg cereals, which it claims contain “a good source of fibre” include Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran and All-Bran.

Kellogg said it will first increase the fibre in its “most-popular” children’s cereals, starting with Froot Loops and Apple Jacks, which will appear on US store shelves in August.

Kellogg was coy about how the taste profile of the cereals will be maintained with the increased fibre content.

“Each product will require a unique approach to ensure that we maintain the same great taste people love. However, the specific technologies and formulation approaches are proprietary,” a spokesperson told just-food.

“The fibres we consider for each product will all have proven physiological benefits, to maintain the same great taste of the products and help people meet their daily fibre needs.”

The company said the products and schedule will vary in Canada.