California-based natural foods specialist Kashi Company has launched a probiotic cereal.

The company, a subsidiary of cereals giant Kellogg, heralded Kashi Vive as the first shelf-stable probiotic food to be launched, and described it as an “all natural fusion of lightly sweetened tastes and textures […] specially formulated to balance, purify and strengthen the digestive system.”

Probiotic foods aid the digestive system but so far product development in this area has focused on dairy and generally seen the launch of products that need to be kept chilled. Sarah Lowrey, a nutritionist at Kashi, explained the company’s rationale: “We recognised that non-perishable food products capable of promoting digestive health beyond just regularity were not available in the marketplace.”

Kashi Vive contains 20% of the daily recommended values of calcium and Vitamin D. It will be sold in 12-oz. boxes.