US snack firm Kettle Foods is joining forces with Death Valley Natural History Association (DVNHA) to launch a new potato chip to coincide with a programme to bring “city kids to the park”.

The Death Valley Chipotle will be available late spring and is a spicy blend of savoury spices with a subtle smoky taste.

Kettle Foods’ partnership with DVNHA is to support its “Death Valley Rocks” programme.

The company will donate US$1 to DVNHA for every Facebook user who downloads a Death Valley temperature gauge that monitors the desert heat. The first five to notify Kettle Foods when the gauge reaches 120 degrees win free chips for a year.

“This is a first-of-its-kind partnership for us. What we love about Kettle Foods’ support is that it helps us raise awareness and support for our national park, and do so in a fun, tasty way,” said David Blacker, executive director of DVNHA.

The Death Valley Chipotle will have a retail price starting at $2.09 and will be available in grocery stores nationwide.