Cark Cornett has filed a lawsuit against Kraft claiming to have discovered a rodent tooth in a packet of Planters peanuts. However, a Kraft spokesperson told just-food, Cornett has refused to allow the US food group to inspect the tooth in question.

The lawsuit, claming damages of US$55,000, was filed with St Clair County Circuit Court. It alleges that a “non-human animal tooth” described as possibly belonging to a rodent was found in a packet of Planters peanuts purchased last August.

According to the lawsuit, the discovery of the tooth caused Cornett to become physically and mentally ill, afraid that he has contracted some kind of disease.

Laurie Guzzinati of Kraft told just-food that although it was usually company policy not to comment on pending litigation, she could confirm that Cornett had refused to hand the tooth over for examination.

 “The consumer refused to allow us to have the sample to conduct proper analysis, which is standard practice. We would need to see the product and conduct thorough tests to establish A, that it does indeed exist and, B, that it was found where he said it was found. Without the object, we are unable to investigate further,” Guzzinati said.