Kraft Foods has launched a line of fat-free Greek yoghurts for the US under the Athenos brand name.

The “dual compartment” yoghurts, with the toppings on the side, are available in five varieties; 16oz Plain, 5.3oz Honey, 5.3oz Strawberry, 5.3oz Peach and 5.3oz Blueberry.

Kraft claims the Athenos yoghurt range has “zero grams of fat and twice the amount of protein of regular yogurt”.

During a September/October promotion only, the suggested retail price is US$0.99 for the 5.3oz size. After that, the suggested retail price is $1.50.

The suggested retail price for the 16oz size is $3.29-$3.99, and for the promotion $2.99.

The range is available on the West Coast in Wal-Mart stores from this month, and in Kroger and Jewel stores in the Midwest from October. The range will be available nationally from the first quarter of 2011.

Athenos makes Mediterranean-style foods, including feta cheese, hummus and pita chips.