US retailer Kroger has issued another product recall, with an announcement on a mayo line following yesterday’s (31 March) move by the company to pull more shelled pistachios.

The company, which recalled a line of Private Selection pistachios amid the ongoing food scare surrounding the nuts, separately said today that it was pulling certain Kroger Lite Mayo products.

The mayo announcement came over fears the product could be contaminated with salmonella.

The 32-ounce plastic jars have a sell-by date of  SEP-25-09 and were sold in Kroger stores in south-western Ohio, northern Kentucky and south-eastern Indiana. The jars have a UPC code of  11110 66090.

Kroger said no illnesses had been reported in connection with the product.

The retailer is one of a number of US food manufacturers and retailers caught up in the latest nut scare to affect the country.

Kroger has pulled a number of pistachio products over fears of possible salmonella contamination. Elsewhere, Pepsi-Co’s Frito-Lay and Kraft Foods have been among the food manufacturers to recall products.

The pistachio salmonella scare so far centres on Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, the second-largest pistachio processor in the US. After the detection of salmonella in its products, Setton ceased all distribution of processed pistachios this week.

The US Food and Drug Administration recommended yesterday that consumers avoid eating pistachio products until further information is available about the scope of affected products.

Earlier this year, a salmonella outbreak swept the US after peanut and peanut butter products made by Peanut Corporation of America became contaminated.

The outbreak sickened more than 680 people in 46 states and in Canada and resulted in nine deaths.