Minnesota-based technology firm Lawson Software has announced the general availability of its QuickStep Food and Beverage, its first industry-specific, pre-configured ERP (enterprise resource planning) application package.

QuickStep Food and Beverage is designed to help food and beverage processing companies cut traditional ERP implementation times by more than 50%, Lawson says, thereby reducing costs.

“QuickStep packages Lawson’s food and beverage industry functionality with the company’s industry knowledge and implementation skills,” the company says. “As a result, it incorporates industry best practices, based on Lawson’s proven track record of carrying out successful ERP implementations over more than 20 years.”

According to Lawson, the system can manage high-velocity of transactions in the food and beverage industry supply chain; plan and execute customer deliveries and shipments down to the minute; reduce waste and manage shelf-life issues; meet industry standards for food safety, traceability and quality assurance; implement pricing and promotion programmes, and satisfy complex retailer demands; plan manufacturing and materials usage on a daily and hourly basis; maximise product yields, with planning capabilities for recipes using by-products and scrap; and carry out detailed profitability and customer service analyses.

Customers can also add features, components and customisation as part of a continuous improvement programme.