US kefir maker Lifeway Foods has reformulated and expanded its Helios Kefir range of products to include a Greek offering.

The line of cultured milk smoothies now contain 16 grams of protein per one cup serving, up from 12 grams. Lifeway has also added honey to its existing flavours to create the range of new ‘Greek’ variants: Coconut & Honey; Raspberry & Honey; Strawberry & Honey; Pomegranate-Blueberry & Honey; in addition to new Pear & Honey.

“With the changes to our Helios family of kefir products, we now have two distinctly different kefir collections for different palates,” Lifeway president and CEO Julie Smolyansky said. “Helios Greek Kefir will appeal to consumers looking for a non-fat kefir with extra protein and a sweeter, richer flavour profile. Lifeway Kefir will be the choice for those who prefer the original kefir tart-and-tangy taste. This is an important shift in our product portfolio that not only distinguishes the two brands but also gives the market a clear choice.”