Costs linked to a series of acquisitions hit the bottom line of US private-label group Ralcorp Holdings during its fourth quarter.

Ralcorp, which has bought four companies in its last fiscal year, booked net income of US$41.9m for the the three months to 30 September – down from $79.9m a year earlier.

The group, which alongside its own-label businesses owns the Post cereal brand, said yesterday (9 November) that it had incurred $14.5m in M&A costs during the quarter.

However, Ralcorp also booked an impairment loss of $19.4m on a “reallocation of advertising and promotion expenditures to higher-return brands and reductions in anticipated sales-growth rates”.

Fourth-quarter net sales were up 15% at $1.13bn thanks to Ralcorp’s recent acquisitions. The company said its “base-business” net sales increased 1% to $989.8m.

Over the full year, Ralcorp’s net earnings fell 28.1% to $208.8m. Net sales climbed 4% to $4.05bn, although that was boosted by last year’s acquisition of Harvest Manor Farmers and this year’s purchase of American Italian Pasta Co. Ralcorp’s base-business net sales over the year fell 2% to $3.8bn.

Looking ahead, Ralcorp said it expects to see ingredient costs rise by $200m during the new fiscal year, net of hedges.

The company said it would look to improve efficiency to cut costs, cut trade programmes and raise prices.

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