Mars, in conjunction with the Colonial Chocolate Society, has announced the launch of the first historically inspired chocolate range in celebration of what the company describes as “chocolate’s important role in the lives of Americans during the Revolutionary era.”

“An important part of the unique commitment Mars is making to cocoa science is understanding the true history of this unique food in human history. We have uncovered a wealth of information related to chocolate and its surprising prominence in the lives of Americans during the Revolutionary era,” said Janis Smith-Gomez, marketing vice president at the historic division of Mars. “The history of chocolate in America is so interesting that we felt it was something we wanted to share and bring to life in the form of real products. How ironic that our newest innovation involves recreating an authentic chocolate recipe from the time of the Revolutionary War for today’s consumer.”

The chocolates, made to traditional recipes and using traditional techniques, are irregular in appearance and have a slightly gritty texture typical of the ability at the time to grind the cocoa bean, spices and other ingredients. The taste experience is unique, American Heritage Chocolates are rich in cocoa, spicy and slightly sweet.

American Heritage Chocolate will only be on sale at the museums and historic sites of Fort Ticonderoga, Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello and The Smithsonian.