Mars Snackfood has announced the release of new M&M’s branded Ice Cream Treats in the US.

Available as an ice cream bar on a stick, each bar contains vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolaty coating then dipped in a chocolaty red, green or blue shell.

M&M’s Ice Cream Treats will be available nationwide in single or multi-packs of five bars at US$1.49 and $3.99 respectively.

“We are really excited to launch M&M’s Ice Cream Treats and make them the summer’s coolest treat,” said Craig Hall, General Manager, Ice Cream, Mars Snackfood US.

Print and TV advertising will support the launch and, beginning in mid-June, high traffic areas will be targeted by the M&Ms “team ice cream”, who will dispence coupons and samples.

In-market sampling will occur in: Boston, Hartford/Springfield, CT, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago and Los Angeles.