Martek Biosciences and product manufacturer Flora have teamed up so that Martek’s flagship product, life’sDHA, is featured in Udo’s Choice DHA Oil Blend, a flaxseed oil blend.

Udo’s Choice DHA Oil Blend is part of Flora’s Udo’s Choice brand, a line of vegetarian, organic and sustainable health oils.

The product is an unrefined vegetarian source of all the omega-3 essential fatty acids.

“Martek is pleased to be partnering with Flora and Udo’s Choice to offer consumers an omega-3 oil that is truly unique because it is vegetarian, is free of ocean-borne contaminants and has great sensory characteristics,” said Steve Dubin, CEO of Martek Biosciences Corporation. “DHA is important for health throughout the lifecycle and Udo’s Choice DHA Oil Blend with life’sDHA is an easy-to-use product that everyone, from infants to adults, can use.”

Martek’s life’sDHA is derived from a sustainable and vegetarian source, made from microalgae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions.