Martek Biosciences has revealed that it has entered into a licence and supply agreement with South Korean infant formula market leader Namyang Dairy Products, for use of Martek’s docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA).

Martek manufactures nutritional oils containing DHA and ARA, both of which are naturally present in breast milk and are supposed to have certain health benefits for infants.

“This agreement is yet another example of how formula manufacturers worldwide are recognising the benefits of adding DHA and ARA to formula, both for their business and the infants they serve. I always feel great that, with every new license agreement, more and more infants around the world will benefit from Martek’s products,” said Henry Linsert, Jr., chairman and CEO of Martek.

The company’s licensees are currently selling Martek’s DHA and ARA in supplemented formulas in over 65 countries internationally.