Masterfoods USA, the US food, snack and petcare division of the Mars group, is to introduce a single-serve format of its heart-healthy snack range CocoaVia targeted at convenience stores, in the autumn.

The company, which is already a leading provider of confectionery and snack products to the convenience store sector, announced the move at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show.

Masterfoods said the initiative was aimed at capitalising on a growing interest in healthy snacks packaged individually and sold at convenience stores.

CocoaVia Brand Heart Healthy Snacks are made from ingredients that help lower bad cholesterol and promote healthy circulation. The range includes CocoaVia Original Dark Chocolate Bars, CocoaVia Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and CocoaVia Rich Chocolate Indulgence Drink.

“CocoaVia has sold well in multi-packs, but this is a great opportunity for us to reach consumers who are looking for healthier options on the go,” said Jamie Mattikow, president of the Mars Nutrition for Health & Well-Being division. “In CocoaVia, we’ve translated our company’s vast scientific knowledge in the area of cocoa research into chocolate products that are formulated to promote heart health.”

Masterfoods is also promoting a number of limited-edition variants on some of its well known brands at the convenience store trade show, including Twix Triple Chocolate, Skittles Carnival, Starburst Retro and Snickers Nut Mix.