Following the disclosure last week that McDonald’s French fries contain wheat and dairy products, the fast-food giant is facing three lawsuits that the company now claims are ‘without merit’.

Mark and Theresa Chimiak, of Florida, sued the fast-food chain, claiming their five-year-old daughter has an intolerance to gluten. Nadia Sugich, of California, sued McDonald’s because she is a vegan and would not have eaten the fries if she had known they contained dairy products. Debra Moffatt, of Illinois, has also filed a case against McDonald’s, stating that she suffers from celiac disease that causes gastrointestinal symptoms when gluten is injested.

However, following further tests, McDonald’s has issued a statement rebuffing the claims made against it.

“We understand the concern that individuals in the celiac community and others with food allergies may have regarding foods that meet their individual needs. That is why we are eager to provide them with the most factual information we can,” said Jack Daly, McDonald’s senior vice president.

“Scientific evaluation by one of the world’s leading experts on gluten sensitivity and allergenicity, Dr Steven Taylor of the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program of the University of Nebraska, has confirmed again that our fries are gluten free and allergen free.

“Based on this analysis, we believe the lawsuits filed are without legal merit.”