US firm Creminelli Fine Meats has launched its first non-GMO range, the latest meat products supplier in the country to look to meet rising consumer interest in such products.

Creminelli has launched Sevenhams, meats made from pigs raised on feed verified by the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit certification scheme set up in 2005 by natural retailers The Natural Grocery Company and The Big Carrot Natural Food Market. Three flavours – the mild ProsciuttoCotto, a lightly smoked BlackForestCotto and HerbeCotto, a ham with herbes de Provence – are being sold at Whole Foods stores.

"Our customers pay attention to what they eat. Non-GMO verification is another way to raise the standards of not only what we eat but also of an industry that is starting to respond to consumer's demands for cleaner, more responsible ways to make good food," Creminelli told just-food.

A wide roll-out will depend on the availability of pigs raised on non-GMO feed, the company said. "The goal is to have as much non-GMO hams available, but that depends entirely on the availability of non-GMO fed pork. So until that supply increases, availability beyond Whole Foods initially is limited."

Creminelli plans to move four other hams to the non-GMO Sevenhams line this autumn.