Manufacturer and distributor of branded nutritional products Natrol has entered into an exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement with H57 Nutrition for Original South African H57 Hoodia.

“We are delighted with this exclusive arrangement involving H57 Hoodia,“ said Wayne Bos, Natrol’s president and CEO. “It is another important step in Natrol’s corporate development, and demonstrates our commitment to systematic implementation of our strategic growth plans. This arrangement will strengthen our presence in one of the biggest categories, weight control, and enable Natrol to develop broader and deeper-penetrating marketing programs.”

Natrol said that H57 Hoodia is one of the top-selling weight control supplements in the US.

Kelly Lockwood, CEO of H57 Nutrition, added: “With the increased consumer demand for South African Hoodia-based products, we are confident that our arrangement with Natrol will enable us to meet the future demands of our customers.”