Natrol, the manufacturer and distributor of branded nutritional products, has revealed a net sales gain of 1.8% to US$15.4m in its third quarter.

The company recorded operating income of $0.2m and net income of $0.04m. Natrol posted an operating loss of $1m and a net loss of $0.7m for the quarter. Gross margin increased to 42.7% for the third quarter compared to 35.8% in the same quarter of 2005.

“We are pleased with the achievement of our third consecutive quarter of positive financial results,” stated Wayne M. Bos, Natrol’s president and chief executive officer. “Our third quarter net sales reflected gains of $2m (18.1%) in Natrol and Laci Le Beau product sales compared to 2005. However, this increase was offset by a $1.2m decline in Prolab product sales. We are taking action to address this situation. The newly-established Natrol UK subsidiary has already made a positive contribution to Prolab sales.”