Nestlé has launched a pro-biotic baby milk formula on the US market.

The company said today that its Good Start Natural Cultures brand is the first and only routine formula in the US with probiotics.

“Good Start Natural Cultures goes a step further than providing basic nutrients for growth and development. The inclusion of these beneficial cultures makes it truly the next generation of infant formula,” said Jose Saavedra, medical and scientific director, Nestlé Nutrition. “

This is a major step toward providing formula-fed infants a part of the immune-related benefits that only breastfeeding can entirely provide,” he added.

Good Start Natural Cultures also contains DHA & ARA for brain and eye development, plus Comfort Proteins, a 100% whey protein broken down to be easy-to-digest in a baby’s developing tummy. Good Start Natural Cultures is available nationwide in 12 ounce and 24 ounce powder sizes.