Nestle refrigerated Toll House cookie dough is returning to US shelves this week, having been pulled almost two months ago when it was linked to an outbreak of salmonella.

The new batch of cookie dough will carry a “new batch” label to allow retailers and consumers to identify it. Nestle Toll House shipping cases will also be marked in blue to differentiate them from old batches, which were marked in black.

Packaging will also carry the advice: “do not consume raw cookie dough”.

Consumption of raw Toll House cookie dough was linked to an outbreak of salmonella which sickened people in 29 states.

A spokesperson for Nestle emphasised that the group worked in “full co-operation” with the US Food and Drug Administration during the voluntary recall.

“The safety of our consumers was of paramount importance,” the spokesperson insisted.

Following the recall, the food group and the FDA tested the Toll House facility, production equipment, processes, ingredients and finished product to ensure the safety of the new batch of refrigerated cookie dough.

“While the FDA inspection at our Danville, Virginia facility has concluded, Nestle’s commitment to food safety continues, as does our intensive testing. We test ingredients as they arrive and our cookie dough as it’s made. We hope families around the country will continue to enjoy our cookies,” Paul Bakus, general manager for Nestle USA’s baking group, said.