Kahiki Foods, the Ohio-based producer of frozen Asian foods, is launching a range of natural frozen Asian-style ready meals.

The new range includes General Tso Chicken with brown rice, General Tso Chicken Wraps and Mandarin Orange Chicken with brown rice. All of these products are made from Hibachi fire-grilled antibiotic-free chicken.

Also in the range are Szechuan Peppercorn Beef with Coleman-brand fire-grilled all-natural beef, with brown rice; Teriyaki Mixed Vegetables with Authentic Chinese Vegetables, with brown rice; and Vegetable Shiitake Egg Roll which comes with a mix of vegetables including edamames and shiitake mushrooms.

The products are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, colours, preservatives, a minimal amount of processed ingredients, no trans facts and no genetically modified ingredients, and are all low in sodium. The new ready meals will retail for around US$4.59, and are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard.

The company unveiled the new products at the ExpoEast natural and organic trade show in Baltimore.

“We have put forth an unprecedented attention to detail with this line,” said Kahiki’s vice president of sales and marketing Tim Tsao. “These products are also significant because the commitment to health and wellness, evidenced in ingredients, nutrition, and formulation, will soon be seen in our mainline products.”