Marcela Gomez, president of Hispanic Marketing Group, and Maitane Zuloaga Tidwell, president of Inclusive Communications, have joined forces with the Nashville-based food group Vietti Foods Company, to form a new company Diversity Brands, with the aim of catering specifically to Hispanic consumers.

The aim of the company is to combine Vietti’s experience in packaged foods with the specialist expertise and consumer knowledge of the other partners. Diversity Brands says it is “uniquely positioned as a multicultural strategic marketer with majority Hispanic ownership and with packaged goods expertise in navigating US consumer markets”.

“Early in our conversations about the Diversity Brands concept I recognised that Marcela and Maitane had strong professional and cultural connections along with the energy and integrity necessary to build a client base,” said Philip Connelly, president of Vietti Foods Company. “They needed the packaged goods expertise and a distribution infrastructure such as is available through Vietti Foods to make it work.”

Marcela Gomez said: “In our daily work in Hispanic and other minority communities we have seen a significant increase in their purchasing power, thus increasing demand for more products that appeal to their culture and heritage.”