A consortium comprising four companies has launched a new system for monitoring, tracking and reporting pesticide and herbicide residues on food, animal feed and agricultural products.
The TRAC (Tracing Residues And Contaminants) system has been developed jointly by RQA, Eurofins GeneScan, Illinois Crop Improvement Association and Copesan.
With the diverse experience and expertise of its four members, the consortium believes it can provide clients with the advantage of the consolidated experience of a pesticide applicator, a renowned testing laboratory and experts in agriculture management and retail operations, in order to provide assistance in managing the risk associated with this food safety issue.
“TRAC offers an independent, transparent source of confirmation concerning residue and contaminant levels at all points along a supply chain, from production to retail outlet,” the consortium said. “TRAC provides a systematic compilation of application records, sampling information, test results and logistical tracking documentation. The documents and records that accumulate as the product moves through the supply production chain are compiled into a secure, web-based database offering various levels of access and review, as determined by the client.”
Clients will use the TRAC system to verify compliance with import-export regulations, protect brand name integrity, screen current or potential vendors, and identify and control hazards in their own operations in order to minimise insurance costs.