Omega Farms, part of the Pacific Cheese family-owned Californian dairy group, has launched Low-Fat Chocolate Milk as an addition to its Omega-3 fortified range.

The new chocolate drink, targeted towards kids and mothers and introduced as a “modern sports recovery product for athletes”, is designed to offer a product containing Omega-3 “without any fishy taste or odour that many kids dislike”.

“Will Omega-3s help you find lost keys or turn your child into an honor student? It’s unlikely that any food can replace an active mind and good study habits,” said nutritionist Cindy DiFerdinand. “But the link between consumption of Omega-3s and benefits to brain function is getting stronger. It’s thrilling to consider the potential that may exist.”

California-based Omega Farms was established in 2005 by the Gaddis family to meet consumer demand for more healthy dairy products. The Gaddis family also owns Pacific Cheese.