Organic Alliance has indicated that it intends to grow its market presence by forming international supply alliances with organic growers.

“We already have alliances with suppliers in Canada and Mexico. We are working on an alliance in China and another is in the mill in Angola,” a spokesperson for the company told just-food.

According to Organic Alliance the demand for USDA-certified organic produce far outweighs supply.

“Our potential market is as large as the supply we can secure. The problem with, say, Kraft or Heinz coming out with an organic ketchup is securing supply. The large food processors need to know that they will be able to secure supply contracts for the next five years,” the spokesperson suggested.

Organic Alliance observed that high-profile food scares in the US are contributing to the growth of the organic sector.

“We think that food scares are an underlying thing that make people want to protect themselves…. Organic foods are not immune to salmonella contamination, but it is less likely because of the high level of inspection.”

Organic Alliance supplies USDA accredited organic produce to food manufacturers, retailers and the foodservice industry internationally.

Organic Alliance director Jim Haworth was appointed chairman of China’s Lotus Supercenters yesterday (18 June).

Tom Morrison, Organic Alliance CEO, commented: “We are very fortunate to be able to leverage Jim’s extensive experience, expertise, and vast network in the food industry to help accelerate our company’s growth. His industry insight and relationships are key enablers of our business plan. “

Organic Alliance’s stated aim is to become “one of the world’s leading providers of USDA certified organic crops”.