Frito-Lay, the PepsiCo snacks unit, has set out its stall to package its SunChips brand in a “fully compostable” bag by next year.

The company announced the move today (16 April) after launching a SunChips bag made with 33% renewable materials.

The outer layer of the bag of 10.5 oz SunChips packets will be made with a “plant-based renewable material” called polylactic acid (PLA).

By next year, to coincide with Earth Day 2010, Frito-Lay is planning to roll out 100% compostable packaging for its SunChips snacks.

“We know environmentally-friendly packaging is a priority for our SunChips consumer,” said Gannon Jones, Frito-Lay North America’s vice president, marketing.

When the packaging is 100% compostable, it will fully decompose in about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost pile or bin, Frito-Lay said.