Pilgrim’s Pride has announced the launch of EatWellStayHealthy Kids breaded chicken breast nuggets and breaded popcorn chicken, in an attempt to appeal to parents as concern over childhood obesity continues to intensify.

The baked nuggets are the first to feature the USDA-regulated word “healthy” on the packaging. The range is approved for child nutritional labelling, a voluntary scheme for the USDA’s child nutrition programmes. The American Heart Association (AHA) has also certified both products and their packaging carries the AHA “heart-check mark” logo. 

“Our new breast nuggets and popcorn chicken are a convenient and healthy food choice for families with kids,” said Lonnie Pilgrim, chairman of Pilgrim’s Pride. “Our company has always been interested in promoting healthy lifestyles and diet, and we’re excited to offer healthy new choices for families.”

The range is made from whole-muscle chicken breast meat and contains zero trans fats. Pilgrim’s Pride said the products contain less than half the calories, half the carbohydrates and 80% less fat per serving than the leading national brand.