Sports nutrition company PowerBar, owned by Nestle SA, has launched two new snack bar lines it says better meet dietary guidelines.

The bars, called PowerBar Nut Naturals and reformulated PowerBar Harvest Wholegrain, contain whole grains, nuts, fibre and foods low in saturated fat – meeting FDA health claim standards for low saturated fat and cholesterol levels.

PowerBar marketing manager Stephanie Brendel said: “The dietary guidelines encourage a shift to more nutrient-dense foods and an overall diet that is low in saturated fat. When partnered with a well-balanced diet, daily nutrition bars like new Nut Naturals and Harvest Whole Grain can help make snack time count.”

The PowerBar Nut Naturals line has three flavours – trail mix, fruit & nuts and mixed nuts – formulated with real almonds and peanuts. It is said to provide 60% of daily recommended vitamin C and 70% of daily-recommended vitamin E, with a suggested retail price of US$1.29-US$1.49 per bar.

The new PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain provides increased levels of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals and whole grain, aligning with the US Dietary Guidelines’ recommendation of three daily servings of whole grains. It will be available in seven flavours including three “dipped” flavours, bottom-dunked in a rich chocolaty or creamy yogurt coating. The suggested retail price for Harvest Whole Grain bars is again US$1.29-US$1.49.