The owner of US brand Powerful Yogurt has said it is in the process of securing listings in the UK and Ireland.

The brand was launched last year in the US, with the firm behind the product, Powerful Men LLC, marketing the yoghurt as the first in the country “specifically designed for men and men’s health needs”.

The firm has teamed up with Irish company Irepak, which will produce the yoghurt and plans to roll out four flavours, including banana and strawberry.

Powerful Yogurt marketing and communications manager Sarah Goldthwait said: “We are in the process of securing supermarket listings ahead of the planned Q1 2014 on-shelf period, in partnership with Irepak. We’re working to close those deals.”

Goldthwait said the company had seen “interest from a global audience” in the brand “from day one”. She added: “The UK and Irish markets have been especially vocal; the concept of a high-protein, large-serving Greek yogurt designed for men and the active lifestyle is a strong departure from existing companies in the UK and Ireland that are focused on “yogurt as dessert” offerings. Consumers around the world are asking for all-natural foods that fuel a healthy lifestyle and leave you feeling satisfied and energised. That’s one of the many reasons Powerful Yogurt is striking such a strong chord.”