The sauerkraut specialist Great Lakes Kraut Company is boasting a record year in 2005, having produced more than 170,000 tons of sauerkraut.

The company, which claims to be the world’s largest sauerkraut manufacturer, said that its 2005 production exceeded the total produced by all sauerkraut manufacturers in Western Europe combined.

“We had an outstanding year,” said Great Lakes’ co-owner Ryan Downs. “Technological innovations in our facilities and an excellent cabbage harvest allowed us to produce a record-breaking amount of the finest sauerkraut in the world.”

Downs said that the production innovations it had put in place and the plentiful supply of cabbage had coincided perfectly with an increased demand for the company’s two market-leading sauerkraut brands, Silver Floss and Krrrrisp Kraut. Great Lakes added that sales were buoyed in 2005 by the publication of studies linking sauerkraut with cancer- and flu-fighting properties.