According to research released yesterday (31 August) more than 80% of dieters in the US create their own eating plans, while only 6% use commercial diet plans such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

“Although there are numerous plans and options, consumers are looking for a diet they feel will work for them, and are developing their own strategies for coping with dieting,” said Marcia Mogelonsky, senior analyst for Mintel.

Mintel found that consumers awareness of diet programmes was surprisingly low. Evidence also suggested that consumers are hesitant to try new diet plans, with only 6% agreeing that they like to give new plans a go.

“Our society is always looking for a custom solution for good dieting,” said Mogelonsky. “We all know that exercise and healthy eating are the keys to successful dieting. Americans need to concentrate on finding a regimen that works best for them, beyond the fads and quick weight-loss schemes.”

With the majority of people picking and chosing between different healthy options, this trend is helping to drive the growth of the functional and health food sector.