US supermarket operator Safeway Inc will join forces with FishWise , a non-profit organisation focused on the sustainability and financial performance of seafood retailers, distributors, and producers.

Safeway said the partnership will strengthen its commitment to “environmentally-responsible” seafood. The group will require suppliers to participate in sustainability assessments and sourcing improvement plans.

FishWise will prioritise suppliers and products for environmental improvement plans. These plans will be developed and implemented over the coming years, helping Safeway’s seafood procurement to become more sustainable “over time”, the company said.

Safeway will implement a traceability system to screen out suppliers not meeting the new sustainable seafood policy, the retailer added.

Safeway staff will be trained on the company’s sustainability policy and providing science-based information on sustainable seafood to Safeway customers.

“We look forward to working with FishWise,” said Jim Bluming, VP of seafood marketing. “We hope this partnership will lead to a more sustainable product selection for our customers as well as improved transparency with our suppliers, and ultimately, healthy oceans and freshwater ecosystems for future generations.”