US grocery operator Safeway Inc has launched a range of 100% natural foods called Open Nature.

The retailer announced yesterday (26 January) that the line comprises more than 100 products, launching with a range of with meat products, including fresh beef, pork, chicken, chicken sausages, bacon and beef hot dogs.

It plans to extend the portfolio to bread, yoghurt, ice cream, salad dressing and frozen foods.

Safeway said the range is made only from ingredients from natural sources and that meat and poultry products will be raised without antibiotics, fed an all-vegetarian diet and will be without added hormones or artificial preservatives.

“Open Nature is a great addition to Safeway’s portfolio of health and wellness brands joining O Organics and Eating Right. It’s another demonstration of Safeway’s commitment to providing our customers the best possible experience when they prepare and eat meals for themselves and their families,” said Safeway’s senior vice president of consumer brands Joe Ennen.