As part of its Earth Day environmental drive, US supermarket group Safeway will preview its latest “green” store design, deploy community clean-up teams and hand out reusable bags.

“We are proud of the reputation we have developed for sustainability,” said Larree Renda, Safeway EVP and chief strategist. “Earth Day gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the progress we are making and preview the direction we are taking on a range of fronts, including store design and earth-friendly products, along with our already strong history of supporting communities.”

Safeway has unveiled its first store designed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards. The 59,600 square foot facility, based in Santa Cruz, California, will feature a number of environmental innovations – including an irrigation system that uses water condensation from the refrigeration system to irrigate the outdoor landscaping and greenhouse gas reducing energy sources like solar panels and fuel cells.

“Our new Santa Cruz store is the gold standard for sustainable supermarket design for Safeway and the entire supermarket industry,” said Renda.