John B. Sanfilippo & Son has expanded its Fisher Nuts branded lineup with the launch of three new Fusions Snack Mixes: ice cream sundae, cinnamon roll and energy blend.

Fusions ice cream sundae mix is a blend of chocolate-covered peanuts, pineapple, banana chips, coated marshmallows and strawberries. The cinnamon roll Fusions mix combines cinnamon pecans, cinnamon yogurt-covered raisins, yogurt-covered raisins and cinnamon square cookies. While the Fusions energy blend targets the on-the-go consumers with a combination of cranberries, almonds and cashews.
These three new blends add to the Fisher Fusions line, which already includes Asian Spice, Cheddar Crunch, Trail Blazer, Sweet Harvest and Tropical Twist.

“One of the appealing aspects of the Fisher Fusion Snack Mixes is the variety of textures and flavors,” said Julie Nargang, director of marketing for national brands at Sanfilippo.

“Not only do they have a delicious and extraordinary combination of ingredients, but each handful tastes different because you never grab the same ingredients twice. It eliminates boring snacking and gives American consumers exactly what they crave: innovative new flavors and convenience.”