Sara Lee has said its Soft & Smooth Made with Whole Grain White Bread brand has become the best-selling bread in America since its launch in July 2005, quoting syndicated sales data.
The company said that some 16.7m 200-ounce loaves, representing value sales of US$30.2m, had been sold between mid-July, when the bread was launched, and 25 December. The Information Resources, Inc. InfoScan sales data, which the group quoted, covers grocery stores but does not include sales at mass merchandise outlets and supercenter stores.

“Sales of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth made with Whole Grain White Bread have been an overwhelming success,” said Bill Nictakis, president of Sara Lee Food & Beverage’s US Fresh Bakery business. “The key to this success was knowing what consumers wanted so that this bread would appeal widely to mainstream consumers rather than to a niche segment.”