Sara Lee has expanded its Jimmy Dean breakfast line in the US.

The firm today (9 August) announced the introduction of Jimmy D’s breakfasts, a line of “convenient” breakfast items with 210 calories or less and seven or more grams of protein.

Jimmy D’s breakfasts are available in grocery stores across the US and are available in three varieties; French Toast Griddlers, Griddle Sticks and French Toast Duos.

French Toast Griddlers comprise a cinnamon glazed French toast breakfast sandwich with Jimmy Dean turkey sausage.

Griddle Sticks are a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage wrapped in maple pancake batter on a stick, while French Toast Duos are two cinnamon glazed French toast sticks served with two Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links.

Jimmy Dean will introduce new website content providing details and information on the benefits of a breakfast with protein to coincide with the launch.