Save Mart Supermarkets has converted a 34,000sq ft conventional store into a value-focused format store, to open tomorrow (17 November).

The Maxx Value Foods neighbourhood format, located in Modesto, California, will offer consumers lower prices, with a centre aisle dedicated to high-value offerings, it said today.

The limited-selection store will retain the appearance of a conventional grocery store, but will use a selection of products as a key element to drive down prices, the retailer said.

“This launch is a major event for our company,” said Steve Junqueiro, president and COO of Save Mart Supermarkets. “We continuously strive to remain relevant to our customers, and this new store format is an innovate response to the needs of shoppers who look for quality and value, but don’t need frills and the full range of any product. The Maxx Value Foods format will also enable us to consider smaller locations that normally would be incompatible with a warehouse store format.”

The Maxx Value Foods format will include bakery/deli and meat/seafood departments, which will feature pre-packed products. In addition to standard checkout lanes, self-checkout registers will also be available.