Combining the taste of fine delicacy caviar with the texture of seaweed is proving a hit in the food world.

Danish-based Jens Moller Products has introduced Cavi-Art, a caviar substitute made of seaweed.

The two Cavi-Art varieties, black Seaweed Lumpfish Caviar and pink Seaweed Salmon Roe Caviar, are being plugged to vegetarians and consumers worried about depleting sturgeon stocks. Cavi-Art, which is distributed in the US by Norsea, LLC, is less fishy and oily than conventional caviar and is lower in salt.

Seaweed is gaining popularity in the food world, according to Datamonitor’s Productscan Online database round-up.

For example, Japanese company Lotte has incorporated seaweed in its new candy Lotte Wakadama To Kombu Fumi, which is flavoured with kombu kelp and Japanese apricot.