California-based start-up Ample Foods has announced a US$2m seed funding round led by San Francisco-based Slow Ventures.

Ample, which focuses on nutrition, produces healthy, drinkable meals. It was founded after its CEO, Connor Young, was asked to help his busy, entrepreneurial friends “take the guesswork out of healthy eating” while working long hours.

Its products are formulated from research-backed ingredients including protein from grass-fed, rBST-free whey and collagen, probiotics, healthy fats and plant-based micro-nutrients. 

Since launch, Ample has expanded from its original formula to include Ample V for plant-based diets and Ample K, a drinkable meal custom-crafted for the $5.07bn ketogenic food market.

Ample has already earned angel investments from 500 Startups, Hawkshead Capital and Compound. The latest investment from Slow brings Ample’s total funding to $4m.

Scott Marlette, partner, Slow Ventures, said:”We’re excited to be part of Ample’s mission to help people take control of their nutrition in a convenient way across a range of food lifestyles,

“Ample is leading the industry with a level of quality, honesty and convenience that is in line with where nutrition will go in the next 20 years.”

Ample CEO Young said: “It’s been deeply rewarding to hear the stories of people whose lives have improved with access to a healthy, convenient meal option,

“Slow Ventures is a perfect partner for Ample because we both believe this business about more than just a product -it’s about providing a foundation for a healthier life.”