A new US study has revealed that convenience and not health is the primary factor motivating US consumers when it comes to purchasing food.

The NPD Group’s Annual Eating Patterns report has found that sandwiches are now the dish served most often in American homes at dinnertime (11.1%), more often than chicken or beef entrees, Italian dishes and homemade family recipes. 

Lunch is no different, with the average American bringing 13 lunches home from a restaurant last year, a 62% increase over 1990.

While 92% of consumers consistently respond that they think it important to purchase fresh foods, less than half of main meals at home have at least one fresh product.

Other findings show 100-calorie packaging and organics continue to grow in popularity, and 71% of adults want to trim fat from their diets, with 59% wanting less sugar. Just as many adults want to add probiotics to their diet (9%) as want to avoid them.